What can you expect at Valley Life? 

When you visit Valley Life Community Church you can expect several things:


What should I wear?

Our church is very contemporary – you won’t find too many suits and ties at VLCC. Dress in a way that you feel comfortable with and allows you to connect with God. Some people wear jeans and a T-shirt, some where sportcoats and nice dresses. It’s up to you – but the bottom line is that you shouldn’t feel pressured to conform to the religious church standard of wearing your “Sunday best”



What will I experience?

The first thing you’ll experience is a warm, inviting and friendly greeting — some people have called VLCC a “huggy” church. We feel that a hug and a hand shake is a great way to express God’s love to each other.

The second thing you’ll experience is a live band that leads us in worshiping God. The music will definitely be different from the traditional organ and choir that many are used to. You’ll also see some people raising their hands as a biblical expression of worship towards God.

The third thing you’ll experience is a biblical talk that is relevant to the 21st century culture from one of our pastors. We use multiple verses and translations of the Bible to better understand what God is saying to us here and now.

Is there childcare?

Yes, there is childcare available during our worship services. On Sunday Morning, we offer childcare up to age 5 in our nursery/preschool area. During our main Sunday morning worship services (10:00 am) we offer childcare and children’s ministry from birth to 6th grade. When you come to VLCC, one of our greeters will be able to help you figure out where to take your children.